Last updated: 
10 October 2016

If you decide to register a design with the idea of taking it to market, first make sure you fully understand the process involved and what it will cost you in time and money.


  • It can take us up to three months to process an application and do the formalities check. 
  • Design registration lasts for five years from the date your design was first filed. Your registration can be renewed for a further five years for a maximum of ten years. The registration ceased unless it is renewed. 
  • If you request an examination of your design this will happen within three months of us receiving your request.
  • You will generally have six months to respond to any possible issues raised from an examination report (an adverse report).

Extension of time

You can apply for an extension of time to carry out certain tasks associated with your application or registration. To do this you will need to show that your failure to meet the deadline was due to either:

  • an error or omission by yourself, your staff, agent or attorney, or
  • circumstances beyond your control.

Your application for an extension of time must include one or more statutory declarations, witnessed by an authorised person.

Fees for this are outlined below.


An application fee per design is payable when filing your design application. If there are multiple designs in your application you will need to pay for each design included.

All fees are subject to change. GST does not apply to these statutory fees under Division 81 of the GST Act 1999.

We have listed most fees below but you can view a complete list in Schedule 4 of the Designs Regulations 2004.

Although there are some exceptions, fees are generally paid via online services or by Business to Business (B2B).

You might like to use our design price calculator to help you work out how much your design will cost.

New application


Fee using online services

Fee by other means

(such as mail)

Design application - Per design indicated in the application at filing



Further design/s identified in formalities processing 



Renewal of registration


Fee using online services

Fee by other means

(such as mail)

Renewal of registration - further five



Renewal payment late fee

$100 per month or part thereof from the renewal due date


Examination fees

These fees will apply if you have asked to have your design examined. This can result in your registered design being certified giving you legal rights to your design.

Find out more about the examination process.



Registered design - exam by registered owner


Registered design - exam by third party (third party payment)


Registered design - exam by third party (owner payment)


Administrative fees



Extension of time (error or omission)

$100 per month or part thereof

Extension of time (circumstances beyond control)


Opposition (to extension of time)


Hearing (request)


A hearing (per day to appear)


Duplicate certification of registration


Sale of documents

Replacement certificates can be ordered via our online services.  Options are: photocopies, certified copies and duplicates. Depending on which option you select the cost will vary.

Copy of one to three documents from the same file

$50 each

Copy of four or more documents from the same file


Refunds and waivers

We will consistently apply the same rules for refunds and waivers to all of our customers.

We will automatically refund money when:

  • we have made an error
  • you have submitted a payment and request for something we don't do
  • you have submitted a payment and request for something that is not legally or practically able to be done
  • you have overpaid the fee or paid the fee twice.

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