Last updated: 
16 March 2016

What are online services?

In response to the changing needs of our customers, over the last few years we have implemented and further developed an electronic transaction channel.

Our online services cater for both intellectual property (IP) professionals and self-filers. Our online services allow users to register, log in and submit transactions online and offers users a consistent experience across the four IP rights. Our online services use sequential processes with built in 'mandatory' fields and cost-calculation software (if a payment is required, it must be finalised at the time of submission using Visa or MasterCard). The portal also allows users to save requests, access online services transaction history and update selected user details.

Why can't I access the online services login page?

Our online services have been designed to work with a number of different internet providers. Access to our online services may require a slight adjustment to your internet security settings. If you receive a message from your internet browser, similar to "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage", please perform the following steps:

  1. click on 'Tools' in your browser menu
  2. select 'Internet Options'
  3. select the 'Advanced' tab
  4. under the 'Security' header ensure that the following tick boxes are checked: 'Use SSL 3.0' and 'Use TLS 1.0'.

Why do I have to register to perform transactions?

To use our online services you are required to register and log in for all transactions. Our online services have a vast array of functions and capabilities, including the ability to store the personal details of our customers. This registration process is an additional security measure and is in place so that we can help you manage your IP and protect your details.

We have tips for registering and applying online through our online services.

How do I enter the online services portal?

Before you can sign in to our online services you must register to become a user. Registration is a simple process that can be completed on a work or personal computer. Customers must complete a number of mandatory fields and then select a username and password. If the user credentials that you select are available and meet our security requirements, you will then be able to access the system and re-enter the portal easily, whenever you require.

Our online services can be accessed through the log on button at the top right hand of each page on our website. Simply click on the link and you will be taken to the online services log in screen.

How much do your online services cost to use?

Our online services are provided free of charge. The only fees you will occur are those associated with the transactions you perform. For example, to renew a trade mark you need to pay the applicable renewal fee (our online services only accept Visa and Mastercard).

Can I save an online services application and resume it at a later date and time?

Yes. You have the option of saving a draft of an application when using our online services. This option saves the draft as a zip file on your computer. Do not attempt to open the zip file directly from the location as it is saved on your computer. If you would like to make changes to a saved application you will need to resume the transaction with our online services using the "Resume a saved eService" function.

Please note: saved drafts will expire after fourteen days, at which point you will have to begin again. We strongly discourage you from relying on only these drafts to record the information they enter into your application.

Will you send me an official receipt for the transactions I complete using online services?

No. You will be issued with an official onscreen financial receipt and your transaction details will appear in your online services history for a period of six months.

Why can't I see all my IP rights in online services?

Unfortunately, due to back-end system limitations our online services do not currently have the ability to display a complete IP right portfolio view. 

We are working hard on improving these legacy systems to ensure that a complete IP right portfolio view will be a feature of our online services in the near future.

Will all of my correspondence be provided in online services?

We are progressing with an initiative to electronically 'return' correspondence back to you through our online services. Initially, this enhancement will only apply to patent service requests that have been received through the online services channel.

We are on track to deliver the first release of return correspondence in mid-2014. Future releases in late 2014 will focus on the return of trade marks, designs and plant breeder's rights correspondence. 
You will have the freedom and flexibility to view, print or save the correspondence on your computer. Note that we will not provide paper copies of the correspondence received electronically.

You can read more information regarding this initiative.

'Multiple page TIFF' documents for design applications in online services.

The design application form allows for more than one file to be attached per application. However, when lodging particularly large design applications (that could have dozens of representations) you could submit what is known as 'multiple page TIFF' documents.

This feature is efficient in allowing you to convert all representations into a single TIFF file to upload into the application, as opposed to uploading each representation as an individual JPEG file.

Each attached file cannot exceed 20MB in size and the entire size limit for all of the attachments is 100MB.

Please Note: You will need to locate or purchase software that will convert your attachments to create the 'multiple page TIFF' files.