Last updated: 
16 March 2016

The release of electronic designs correspondence is the latest enhancement to our online services - following on from the introduction of electronic correspondence in recent years for patents (in 2014) and trade marks (in 2015).

We are pleased to announce that all design customers will receive new correspondence electronically. This functionality is only available for new design requests submitted through our online services from 30 March 2016.

Online services correspondence overview

When new correspondence is available to view, an email will be sent to your registered email address. You will receive a notification email for all new correspondence that is delivered on that day.

To access new correspondence, click on the link within the email to log in to our online services or simply navigate to our online services through the IP Australia website. Correspondence can be accessed within “eServices Correspondence”  in the My Portfolio section of the online services homepage.

Correspondence will be viewable within online services for a limited time and we strongly advise you to download and save a copy of the correspondence for your own records. Our online services correspondence facility will display the electronic designs correspondence for six months or until a 2500 item limit has been reached (whichever happens earlier).

Detailed information is available in the correspondence user guide.