Last updated: 
23 October 2017

The Patent Analytics Hub provides evidence of innovation trends for decision-makers, supporting IP Australia’s strategic vision to ensure that Australians benefit from great ideas.

By analysing information contained in more than 100 million patent records across 250 000 separate technology classifications worldwide, we can support informed decisions on policy, research direction, commercialisation, intellectual property protection, business strategy, marketing, collaboration and licencing. IP Australia’s in-house expertise of 400 patent specialists across all technology areas ensures that our analysis is relevant and meaningful and allows users to have confidence in our reports. 

Customised patent analytics landscape reports prepared by the Patent Analytics Hub are tailored to each client’s specific project needs and include information on trends over time, origin of invention, target markets, top applicants and collaborators in specific technology areas. 

Our top our priority is customer satisfaction. We develop and present our reports together with you, ensuring you can clearly understand the information and draw out the story behind the data. Our new, world-leading interactive visualisations allow you to understand a research field more deeply. And we are continuously developing new and improved service offerings, and are keen to take on new challenges.



Patent filing trends over time

How is innovative activity tracking?


Target markets for patent filings

Where do innovators commercialise?


Top patent applicants/ inventors

Who is innovating?


Technology analysis

What are our technology strengths?


Applicant/ inventor country of origin  

Where does innovation originate?



Who is working together?



What to expect

We offer cost-effective patent analytics services to government agencies and publicly-funded research organisations such as universities, medical research institutes and cooperative research centres.

While a standard patent search gives you an idea of the novelty or inventiveness of your patent claims, a patent analytics landscape report provides a broad overview of trends in a wider technology area. We do not provide legal opinions, patent valuation, validity searches or services directly related to competitor analysis such as patentability or freedom to operate services.

After discussing your project needs, we will prepare a scoping document and negotiate the cost, in addition to determining a patent search strategy in consultation with you. Timeframes and costs will vary based on your requirements, with projects commonly taking between four weeks to three months to deliver. 

The data will be considered and framed to answer your specific questions which will be used to develop visualisations and a report. We will discuss any areas of specific interest or insight with you as we complete the analysis, and provide you with a draft report for your comments before we finalise it. Reports are confidential unless otherwise agreed.

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